This World Class Conference brings together leading national and international researchers and clinicians in a two-day meeting devoted to basic and translational prostate cancer research.

This year the Scientific sessions will also include themed sessions showcasing the great work underway in the Movember Revolutionary Team Awards, MRTAs.

In keeping with the conference theme, the scientific sessions will focus on research areas relevant to advanced disease, featuring a number of themes including:

1. The mechanisms of driving bony metastatic disease, the PROMIS MRTA

2. Lipid Biology and Prostate Cancer, the Lipid Research MRTA

3. Mechanisms of resistance and adaptation to Androgen Deprivation: the ADT Resistance MRTA

4. Prognostic and Predictive classifiers using ‘Omics’

International invited speakers include:

Prof . Guido Jenster (Erasmus MC, Department of Urology, Rotterdam, Netherlands)

The Translational Science Program can be viewed below or download the PDF version HERE