Prof Anthony Costello AM

Executive Director Australian Prostate Cancer Research, Director of Urology, Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Tony is one of the leading prostate specialists internationally and is Professorial Fellow & Head Department of Urology, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, affiliated with Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne. Tony pioneered robotic surgery in Australia, is an invited faculty member of the American Urological Association where annually he teaches aspects of robotic surgery to an international audience, and is also on the Editorial Board of the US publication Journal of Robotic Surgery, the British Journal of Urology and the Journal of Endourology.

Program Secretary

Dr Phil Dundee

Royal Melbourne Hospital, Western General Hospital, Epworth Prostate Centre

Phil has recently returned to Melbourne after two years in the UK, sub-specialising in laparoscopic and robotic urology. He is a urologist at the Royal Melbourne, Western General and Epworth hospitals with an interest in urologic oncology and in particular, high risk prostate cancer.

Clinical Urology Stream Convenor

A/Prof Declan Murphy

Urologist and Director of Robotic Surgery, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Epworth Prostate Centre.

Declan is Urologist & Director of Robotic Surgery at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Urologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He holds a number of editorial positions including Associate Editor at the British Journal of Urology International and Consulting Editor at European Urology.

Translational Science Meeting Convenors

Dr Niall Corcoran

Director of Translational Research, Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre Epworth, University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital

Dr Corcoran completed his studies (MB BCh BAO) at the University College of Dublin in 1998 and was awarded a PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2006. He is a urological surgeon and research scientist with an interest in the molecular drivers of lethal prostate cancer and novel treatments.

A/Prof Chris Hovens

A/Prof Hovens is the Director of Scientific Research at the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre at Epworth Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital. He is a senior scientific investigator on a number of sponsored prostate cancer clinical research programs within the Department of Urology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Department of Surgery at the University of Melbourne. He has served as Chief Scientific Officer and main scientific advisor for two start up, drug development companies he has co-founded, Velacor Therapeutics Pty Ltd and CCH Pharma Pty Ltd.

A/Prof Hovens was awarded a PhD in 1992 for cloning and analysis of the Ryk Receptor Tyrosine Kinase performed at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research under the supervision of Drs Andrew Wilks and Ashley Dunn. In 1992, A/Prof Hovens took up a post doctoral position at the Institute for Molecular Biology in Zurich.

In 2001, A/Prof Hovens was promoted to Director of the Prostate Cancer Research Center in the Departments of Urology and Surgery, University of Melbourne. He has also worked on the functional characterization of spread tumour suppressor proteins and made the discovery of a new, tissue-restricted member of the family, Eve-3. His recent work concerns the co-discovery of a small, water soluble inhibitor of the PI3K/Akt pathway which has been extensively characterized in in vitro and in vivo models of prostate and brain cancer.

A/Prof Hovens received $7.5m from the Federal Government with Professor Anthony Costello in 2008 to establish a Research Centre for Prostate Cancer (Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre at the Epworth Hospital). In 2008, he and Professor Costello have also received a project grant ($460 000) from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia for their Circulating Cells as Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer study. He has more than 55 peer-reviewed articles and 2 Book Chapters.

Nursing & Allied Health Stream Convenors

Ms Helen Crowe

Prostate Cancer Nurse Practitioner, Epworth Prostate Centre, Melbourne, Australia.

Helen has been working in urology for over 20 years, and was instrumental in establishing urology nursing professional organisations in Australia. She is employed in a private urology practice, devoted to prostate cancer, as a Nurse Practitioner and at the Australian Centre for Prostate Cancer Research at Epworth as a research nurse. She has presented nationally and internationally, published and won awards for her work on the nursing management of men with prostate cancer.

Mr David Gray

Urology Nurse Practitioner, APCR Prostate Cancer Centre, North Melbourne, Australia

Dave is a Urology Nurse Practitioner at the APCR’s Prostate Cancer Centre in North Melbourne. Special interests include men’s health and urological malignancies, particularly prostate cancer. Dave completed his Masters of Nursing (Urology and Continence) through La Trobe Uni in 2012 and completed his Masters of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) through Flinders Uni in 2016. Unfortunately Dave is also a hopelessly addicted golf tragic.

General Practitioner Workshop Convenor

Dr Jane Crowe

Private General Practitioner & Prostate Cancer Physician

Jane has worked over 20 years in General Practice in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. In 2011 Jane started work as a Prostate Cancer Physician, part time, at the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre, (Epworth) where she sees men with Advanced Prostate Cancer and manages and monitors the effects of hormone therapy and provides chronic disease management. Jane is also involved with Prostate Cancer Research, with a particular interest in Prostate cancer management in primary care.