Nursing & Allied Health Breakfast Session

Work / Family Balance – how to achieve the perfect equilibrium

Date: Thursday 31st August 2017
Time: 07:00 – 07:55
Come along and hear Dr Michael Carr-Gregg whilst enjoying a sit down breakfast with colleagues.

The latest research tells us that Australia is at its highest suicide rate in 13 years, and the largest national stress survey carried out last year reveals the highest levels of stress ever recorded. More worryingly, it seems that the steps Australians take to reduce stress are doomed to failure. So how can we get a work–life balance? This presentation outlines the latest information from the science of wellbeing to give simple practical steps which have an evidence base. So if you want help in prioritizing between “work” and “lifestyle” this is unmissable!

Dr Carr-Greg is one of Australia’s leading childhood & adolescent psychologists. He is also psychologist on Neil Mitchell’s Morning Show, and is the resident parenting expert on Channel 7’s Sunrise. He has worked as an academic, researcher and political lobbyist, and is the author of nine books and is working on his tenth. He sits on the Board of Smiling Mind, as well as being a Community Ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Playgroup Victoria.