Moderated Poster Session

Location: Meeting rooms P6 and P7
Chair: Prof Guido Jenster

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Targeting Leptin Receptor Signalling Slows the Progression of Advanced Prostate Cancer – Lisa Philp

Transcriptional profiling of periprostatic fat tissue reveals a signature diagnostic for high-risk prostate cancer –Ken Chow

Functional analysis implicate a glycosylating prostate-cancer risk associated germline variant –  Srilakshmi Srinivasan

Tumor-derived circulating endothelial cells predict clinically significant prostate carcinoma – Sebastian Bhakdi

Ductal Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate: Report of an Australian Cohort and Exploring Its Mysterious Genetic Landscape – Ken Chow

Causal variants that underlie miR-eQTLs in Prostate Cancer – Samaneh Farashi

Comparing adaptive prostate cancer cell metabolism following anti-androgen and biguanide treatment – Jennifer Gunter

Alterations of tumor vasculature and oxygen level of prostate cancer xenografts in vivo assessed by ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging – Qiuhua Hu

Novel anti-cancer agents target the metastasis suppressor NDRG1 to inhibit Lysine-Rich CEACAM1 Co-isolated (LYRIC) induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in prostate cancer – Zaklina Kovacevic

Expanding the SUMO gene stable – Mohanan Maharaj

Differential tissue composition analysis from whole tissue gene expression – Ken Chow

A plasma biomarker panel of four microRNAs for the diagnosis of prostate cancer – Farhana Matin

The potential for androgen influenced disruption of the mismatch repair gene MSH2 in Prostate Cancer – Ken Chow

Men’s experiences on active surveillance: an insight into their coping strategies and the factors that influence their adherence – Megan McIntosh

A phase II randomised control trial of high dose vitamin D in localised prostate cancer patients with intermediate risk of disease progression –ProsD – Visalini Nair- Shalliker

Lipid Elongation in Prostate Cancer is Androgen Regulated and a Potential Therapeutic Target – Zeyad Nassar

Targeting the Adaptive Response in Adiponectin Receptor Signalling Following Androgen Targeted Therapy in Prostate Cancer: Efficacy in Castrate LNCaP Tumour Xenografts In vivo – Lisa Philp

Investigating androgen deprivation and enzalutamide-mediated epithelial plasticity in prostate  cancer progression – Ellca Ratther

Co-targeting dynamic lipid supply from lipogenesis and uptake to fight advanced prostate cancer – Martin Sadowski

The biodistribution of Miltuximab® using Gallium-67 nuclear imaging: The MILGa-01 First in Human Trial – Brad Walsh

Investigation on the role of extracellular vesicle-derived protein and miRNA in mediating the cellular response of prostate cancer to androgen manipulation – Carolina Soekmadji

Glycolysis and lipid metabolism as predictors of prostate cancer aggressiveness – Sriganesh Srihari

Enhanced lipid uptake and lipid remodelling are adaptive responses to androgen-targeted therapies in prostate cancer  – Kaylyn Tousignant

Targeted beta therapy of human prostate cancer in vivo with Lu-177 labelled MIL-38 antibody against glypican-1 (GPC-1) – Mei-Chun Yeh

Interplay among cell types in the tumour microenvironment reveals the activation of key hallmarks in prostate cancer – Ken Chow