The Nursing and Allied Health Program Committee are delighted to invite you to attend our 2017 multidisciplinary meeting.

The nursing, allied health and general practitioners stream in 2017 will again showcase best practice and leading research in a multidisciplinary program, incorporating nursing, psychology, continence physiotherapy, exercise physiology as well as urology, radiation oncology and medical oncology.

The allied health program stream aims to bring allied health professionals, medical specialists and researchers together to explore the challenges of providing best practice care and support to men with prostate cancer and their families, and to provide information to support allied health professionals in providing this care.

There are very few opportunities for allied health professionals to share their knowledge and expertise with colleagues from other disciplines. That’s what makes this meeting so worthwhile.

We are delighted to have two international guests for this year’s meeting. They bring along a wealth of research and clinical experience to share with us.

Firstly Dr. John Oliffe. John is an ex-Aussie, now Professor at the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia. Founder and lead investigator of UBC’s Men’s Health Research program, his work focuses on masculinities as it influences men’s health behaviours and illness management, and its impact on partners, families and overall quality of life. His research provides key insights to guide clinicians and researchers advance men’s health promotion practices. He has developed a program of research in psychosocial prostate cancer. International Faculty.

And we are delighted to welcome back Dr Chris Nelson, clinical psychologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, NY. Chris has expertise in treating men with prostate cancer and other genitourinary malignancies. As the psychological liaison to Memorial Sloan Kettering’s genitourinary and sexual medicine services, he provides short- and long-term counselling services to patients struggling with cancer-related issues. Men who are undergoing treatment for these diseases sometimes experience treatment-related sexual dysfunction, and he helps them, and their partners, optimize intimacy before, during, and after treatment. International Faculty.

Highlights of our 2017 Nursing and Allied Health Program 2017 include:

What’s New in Prostate Cancer in 2017

These two sessions remain a highlight they provides snapshot of the latest clinical practice and research from all disciplines related to prostate cancer: urology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy and exercise physiology.

Exercise Workshop

This hands-on workshop will allow you to experience exercises commonly prescribed to men with advanced prostate cancer and gain insights into the rationale underpinning exercise medicine for prostate cancer. Discussion will focus on why certain types of exercise are used, how to engage men in exercise and strategies to maximise exercise adherence.

The workshop will involve you performing exercises under the instruction of exercise physiologists so will require you to change into clothes and shoes you are comfortable exercising in. The workshop will be held in the Hilton Hotel Gym so there are change rooms and shower facilities available. Attendees that don’t wish to actively participate in the exercises are very welcome to attend.

ED and Sexual Intimacy

This session will take the management of patients post prostate cancer treatment ED one step further. How can clinicians help patients and partners maintain intimacy in their relationships, in the face of the treatment related ED

Multidisciplinary Panel Prostate Cancer Case Discussion

This popular session explores the complexities of managing patients from a multidisciplinary point of view through case discussions. You are invited to attend and join our expert panel to work through a series of interesting cases ask questions and talk about your practice.

Advanced Prostate Cancer and Palliation

In this session we will explore nursing care of the terminal patient, the role of the palliative care doctor, what to do if we are asked about Assisted Dying, and how best to provide holistic care for these men and their families. A difficult area, and a session that will be very worthwhile. Our Thursday program will be focussing on advanced prostate cancer.

Nursing and Allied Health Breakfast session

Come along and be inspired by the presentation of Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, one of Australia’s highest profile psychologists.

Post-prostatectomy Incontinence (PPI) Workshop – New in 2017

Our continence physiotherapists are convening this multidisciplinary one day workshop on Saturday, covering all aspects of PPI including surgical management, medical assessment, intraoperative measures to improve continence, a review of functional anatomy, skin care for the PPI patient, urinary catheter management and troubleshooting, continence pad management, the psychological consequences of PPI. This session is not to be missed by any health care professional caring for PPI patients.

Other planned sessions include:

  • Prostate cancer prehabilitation
  • Survivorship
  • Best of the best poster presentations: selected poster presenters will be invited to present their work in a multidisciplinary session showcasing the best research and clinical practice being conducted.