Australian Prostate Cancer Research is proud to present the 18th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference in Melbourne, Australia. This is the world’s largest comprehensive meeting in the discipline.

A series of world leaders will meet in Melbourne, bringing their depth of knowledge and experience to discuss all facets of prostate cancer management, treatment and scientific advancement.

The program will include streams in Clinical Urology, Translational Science, Nursing & Allied Health and General Practice and ensure the most contemporary information and research-validated findings are presented. There will also be a number of end-user oriented Masterclasses, as well as Breakfast Sessions and Satellite Symposia in association with our industry partners.

A number of new themes will be discussed in 2017, and include:

  • The imaging revolution – from MRI to PSMA PET, has advanced imaging come of age in prostate cancer?
  • Treatment with curative intent in metastatic prostate cancer
  • Advanced prostate cancer – defining the role of upfront chemotherapy
  • mCRPC – the case for treating early with AR-targeted agents
  • Active surveillance optimisation using imaging and biopsy: do we need new biomarkers and gene panels?
  • Radical prostatectomy technique – optimising functional outcomes with higher-risk cancers
  • The role of hypofractionated radiotherapy
  • Dealing with the aftermath – survivorship perspectives

New in 2017:

There will also be a look at immuno-oncology – learning from bladder and kidney cancer. This new theme features key opinion leaders in General Urology (GU) Oncology, with particular expertise in bladder and kidney cancer, who will update us on the huge advances seen in immune-oncology in these other GU cancers. The era of immune-oncology has not yet dawned in prostate cancer, but there is certainly much to be learned from observing advances in urothelial and renal cancer.

Prostate cancer continues to be a topic of great debate within the world community, both in medical circles and of course for the many men diagnosed. 2017 will see the uncovering of improved care protocols and in particular a greater understanding of advanced prostate cancer management. Advances in treatment and new research findings are increasing at a rate never seen before. The need for increased education, specialist training and sharing of knowledge has never been as important. Industry support ensures we continue to grow our scope to support thousands of men facing prostate cancer each year. Your continued or first-time attendance and support of this premier educational event will contribute directly to the ground breaking advances needed to support the many thousand men facing prostate cancer every year.

We welcome your involvement.

Yours Sincerely,

Prof Anthony Costello AM

President of the 18th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference 2017